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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Rumbleseat”

  • All the leaves are green All my friends are gone I'm livin' in my hometown I can barely get along I feel sorry for myself That's an easy thing to do I feel sorry for the world I feel sorry for you Yes I am a pitiful sight I can't even get one thing right [Chorus:] I know just what it's like To be ridin' in the rumbleseat Yes I know just what it's like To be a big time rider in the rumbleseat Well I could have a nervous breakdown But I don't believe in shrinks I should be drunker than a monkey But I don't like to drink Call up some girls But I'm afraid of the phone I'm always talkin' to myself I guess I'm never alone Am I the only one that feels this way I'd buy myself some stylish clothes But I sure hate to pay [Chorus] The sun is coming up Just goin' to bed I combed my hair with my pillow Still got some dreams left Tomorrow is a new day Gonna make these dreams come true I'm gonna believe in myself I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna stop puttin' myself down I'm gonna turn my life around I'll be ridin' high With my feet kicked up in the rumbleseat Yeah we'll go for a drive And we'll be singin' shotgun from that rumbleseat Yes I'll blow you a kiss And we'll be ridin' big time in my rumbleseat

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