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American Dream


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “American Dream”

  • I had a face so cute made a young girl cry And I could blow 'em away with just a wink of my eye I got all dolled up on a Saturday night Can't find a lady so I'll start a fight Hey but ain't that the American Dream But at School the young boys would assemble down in the parking lot And we spoke of the homecoming queen and all the goodies she's got Well those stories would choke a semi And every dare was do or die Hey but ain't that the American Dream [Bridge:] Well I grew up believin' I could do what I wanted to do When I got a little older I found that it just wasn't true There's gotta be a place for me Where I can out-be just what I want to be Hey but ain't that the American Dream Some of the girls are out teaching high school biology And all of my boyfriends they work down at Cummmins factory But me I'm still out on the streets trying to locate some destiny Hey but ain't that the American Dream [Bridge]

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